We’re pleased to announce that we have cast the talented, dapper, and self-proclaimed peanut butter monster, Colton Wheeler in the role ‘Armand’.

Together, Alex and Richard — founders of Safety Meeting Productions — have worked with Colton on the upcoming horror feature, SERENA WAITS, and it is an absolute pleasure to be working with him again. Colton has worked on such films as: UGLY SWEATER PARTY, and the aforementioned SERENA WAITS, but has also dabbled a bit in television, acting in roles for THE MINDY PROJECT, and CRIMINAL MINDS. On top of all the talent this guy is pumping out, he’s also a positive energy generator. Every set he’s a part of is brighter having this guy around and can’t wait to have him grace the screen in PASSING THE STONE.

Be sure to follow Colton at all his respective social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for all updates on his upcoming projects!

TODAY is the DAY! We shoot PASSING THE STONE, so be sure to check back on our Instagram for updates!


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