TEASER for upcoming Horror Comedy PASSING THE STONE released!

Here’s the teaser for the latest short film from Safety Meeting Productions, PASSING THE STONE. What started as a drunken idea blossomed into the upcoming horror comedy. Written and Directed by co-founder/producer Richard Trejo, with co-founder/producer Alex Napiwocki as Director Photography.


The films stars Charles Chudabala, as Carl, who is hosting his annual New Year’s Eve party. What Carl soon finds out, is that the year isn’t the only thing that will be passing…

Also starring, Colton Wheeler, as Armand, and Anthony Werley, Alex Napiwocki, and
Richard Trejo as the party-goers.

Please enjoy this quick taste of things to come, and look out for the flick next Friday, 12/23/2016. Happy Holidays!

Passing the Stone TEASER – A Safety Meeting Production from Richard Trejo on Vimeo.

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